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  •    about RangPangCircus:


RangPangCircus is a one-man-company found by Rein de Kok. With this company I want to express myself as a self employed artist that is specialized in different art forms such as:


- Circus arts, like slack rope, hat / object manipulation and rola rola.
- Music, like trumpet, musical saw, bells and a 
DJ set with vintage exotic circus music on vinyl.
- Street theater, combining all kind of different art forms, from performing alone or in a group, in the streets or a specific location.


  •    about Rein de Kok:


Rein de Kok was born in 1987. Soon it became clear that learning and school were not the sucsessfullest things in his life. Until he was taken at the academy of circus and performance art in tilburg (NL), and graduated in 2013 with a number of slack rope and hat manipulation.  Rein was co-founder of the group cirque du platzak, which is a sucsessfull and young circus company that combine live music with circusskills in a theatrical setting.


In 2021 Rein started a co-production with Rotterdam Circus stad, this collaboration resulted in the new performance MikMak.

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