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- New show for season 2021 and beyond. 
- Stage director Adrian Schvarzstein

- Discipline: Slack rope, object manipulation, rola rola, live music and comedy


- Duration: 30 Min.

- Show for: street theater festivals.

- Outdoor and indoor.

A traditional clown act where music is made on all kinds of instruments, formed the inspiration for this performance.

Circus disciplines such as hat manipulation, juggling and balancing Rein can and wants to do it all himself.
And that leads to hilarious situations, ‘cause what happens when you can't choose and say "yes" to everything?

Is it just a matter of doing, or is it the greatest art of this performance to choose? Rein is an optimist who is not afraid to take risks, but is he capable of completing 1 full task? “MIKMAK” is an ideal combination of all kinds of art forms.

References 2023: Circusstad Festival Rotterdam, Noord Oogst Amsterdam, Hoogte 80 Arnhem, Sirkus I Soldalen Bornholm (DEN) , Mañana Mañana Laren, Zomerbries Ede, “Landje gaat Kamperen” Stramproy,  Theater de Boemel Tilburg, Totaal Festival Bladel, Openlucht Theater de Pinkenberg Velp, “100 jaar PiusHaven” Tilburg, de Donderdagen Ninove (BE), Camping Jena Hummelo,  Art Station Zwolle, CC  ’t Schaliken Herentals (BE)

References 2022: Circus Festival Breda, Festival Oeverloos Zutphen, Festival de Grazende Zwaan Nieuw-Vennep, Pukkelpop Hasselt, Circusstad Festival Rotterdam, StadsParade Rotterdam, Cultura Ede, Theater wandeling Arendonk, Openluchttheater Ede

References 2021: Onderstroom Festival Vlissingen, Boulevard Theater Festival Den Bosch, PAS Festival Maastricht, KinderKultursommer Duisburg, Karavaan Festival Alkmaar, Circusstad Rotterdam , CircusCorrosia Almere, Cultura Ede, Theater de Vest Alkmaar.

- CO-production with Circusstad Rotterdam.
- With support from Gemeente Rotterdam afdeling Cultuur,
FPK#balkonscenes and Gemeente Tilburg/MakersFondsPlus

>watch teaser here<

  • the smallest show on earth

- Discipline: Comedy, object manipulation and rola rola.


- Duration: 30 Min.

- Show for: schools, family events.

- Indoor and outdoor.

Special made show for children from 5 till 12 years old. 
Rein introduces his audience to the wonderfull world of circus. With a lot of help from the audience the most dangerous and funny stunts will be performed.

This performance can be concluded with a juggling workshop!


  • Chapeau bas !


- Discipline: Slack rope, object manipulation and unicycle.


- Duration: 7 Min.

- Show for: cabarets, circus programs.

- Indoor.


In the act “Chapeau bas!” Rein tries to give the best of himself, but it quickly becomes clear that the shortest way is not always the simplest way to succeed.


This presentation is the end product of four years being entangled in a slack rope, tucked away in a circus tent in the south of Tilburg…

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  • circus Clown entrees

- traditional and modern clown entrees and musical reprises.
- special for tent circusses and christmas productions


  • Animation & workshops


From small animation till big shows.
Solo or group work. Musical parade combined with circus,
street animation, a workshop juggling or something special?


Everything is possible!


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